Baseball Training Aids

Baseball Training Aids

Baseball Training Aids Baseball Training Aids Baseball Training Aids

Line Drive Maker !


Want to Improve your Batting Average in Baseball or Softball?

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Three (3) Products , 1 Great Hitting System that Works !


1. The " DRIVE-IT "

 It is All about Controlling your Hands with the DRIVE-IT. "DON'T ROLL YOUR HANDS CONTROL YOUR HANDS" 

Learn to Hit more Line Drives & Outside Pitches. Score More Runs for the Team. 

 Improve your Batting Average with The Drive-It Hitting System.
The Crush-IT, will Teach you to Groove your Swing and  Hit on the Sweet Spot
The Snap It will improve your bat speed with out swinging harder.  


2. Improve Bat Speed w the "SNAP-IT"

How can you improve your baseball Game with a baseball training bat? This Special Light Weight small Aluminum Bat is a One Handed Drill that helps develop Muscle Memory in loading your hands and 

Snapping right on the Target. 

This is like a Whip and a Hammer in your Hand. Being Light Weight it acts like a Whip and a Hammer because you snap right on the Spot. 


The  SNAP-IT creates more Bat Speed without Swinging Harder.


3. The "CRUSH-IT "


This unique Baseball Training Bat does 2 Things.

1. Learn to Hit the Ball on the Sweet Spot vs Shaft . It give sound feedback. 

When hitting Plastic Balls. It will give you a different sound  when you hit on the Foam Percusion (The Sweet Spot).  Creats A Thump Sound 

If you hit the Ball on the Shaft it will give a Tink Sound Feedback

Also  the Specially made Foam Practice Pad (Sold Seperatly) is a Visual Aid. 

If you cast your hands away from your Body (Reaching), the Pad has Pictures of Balls. So if the Sweet Spot is not on the Ball your mind will automatically start making the Adjustments.

2. Groove your Swing. When you develop a Pro-Style Swing generating and focusing on your lower and upper half working together hitting a practice pad.   May even help you become a Switch Hitter! 

Great Warm up before Game

At home practice

Creates Pro-style Muscle Memory

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Want to Hit More Line Drives

Control Your Hands, Don't Roll your Hands!  

Get the DRIVE-IT

Batter's have a tendency to Rotate their hands during the Swing process causing increased ground balls and pop flies. The Drive-It is a specially designed Baseball Training Bat that will increase Muscle Memory by controlling your hands, Hitting more Line Drives at a 10-15 Degree Launch Angle.  

You may not hit as many Home Runs, but you will Increase your Batting Avg and Improve your Runs Batted In!

Learn to Increase your Batting Average with a Line Drive (10-14 Degree) Launch Angle and Score More Runs (JPG)


Learn to Hit an Outside Pitch with Power (png)


Drive-It Head Up Close (jpg)


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